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Why you should never leave food in your car | The Times of India

As mentioned above, food takes very less time to get spoiled when left in the car. Also, groceries are not something to be left in the car as well. Overall, cooked food or the ingredients (groceries) used to make them – both should not be left in the car. Here are some ways to keep food safe in your car.

Think about keeping a cooler, cold packs, or insulated bags in your car for perishable items.

Buy a bag of ice if you need to for keeping cold stuff cold and frozen stuff frozen on the way home. Or, bring some frozen gel packs with you.

When it’s hot outside, take your perishable items straight home. If you know you can’t go straight home follow the above-mentioned steps to keep your purchases cool or buy food that doesn’t need refrigeration.

Think about your route and how many errands you have to do. Stop at the dry-cleaners or for coffee before grocery shopping, not afterwards when your groceries will have to sit in the car.

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