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Tea prices rise 42% in 2020 in Indian auctions

The prices of tea in the Indian auctions rose to 42.38 per cent in 2020 over 2019, reveals an analysis of the latest data available with the Tea Board.

Thanks to increased demand arising from the overall belief around the world that tea helps to build immunity especially when the world was fighting against Covid-19 pandemic, the average price at Indian auctions rose to ₹206.42 a kg in 2020 from ₹144.98 in 2019. This increase of ₹61.44 a kg marked an increase of as much as 42.38 per cent.

Prices rose more significantly in North Indian auctions. There, the average price increased to ₹228.68 a kg in 2020 from ₹157.66 in 2019, marking a whopping increase of ₹71.02 a kg, which is 45.05 per cent.

In the South Indian auctions, the average price rose to ₹138.95 a kg in 2020 from ₹97.11 in 2019, accounting for a rise of ₹41.84 a kg, which is 43.09 per cent.

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