See more of Donald Trump, as played by Brendan Gleeson in The Comey Rule

And here’s Gleeson as Donald Trump.


The latest trailer for The Comey Rule — a brand new series set for release on Showtime on September 27 and 28 — just went live, revealing more of Donald Trump as played by the great Brendan Gleeson. 

It looks great.

Based on James Comey’s book A Higher Loyalty, The Comey Rule also features Jeff Daniels as Comey himself, but it looks like Gleeson will be chewing up the scenery as Trump.

The new trailer shows glimpses of some of the most newsworthy interactions between Comey and Trump, including the moment Trump reached out to Comey, asking for his “loyalty”.

Apparently Gleeson initially turned the role of Donal Trump down, but later agreed to get on board with the project.

The Comey Rule is written and directed by Billy Ray, best known for his work on Captain Phillips. He was intent on making sure this series was released before the 2020 election.

“I wanted this series to air before the 2020 elections,” Ray told Vanity Fair. “I think our democracy is on the line right now. And I wanted this series to be part of that conversation.”

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