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NLAT 2020 Exam Analysis – Batch 1: Candidates seeking admission to NLSIU in BA LLB course 2020 appeared for NLAT Exam 2020 today. The exam is being conducted in three batches and the first batch timing were 12: 30 to 01:15 P.M. The NLAT exam was conducted in an online mode both at home and in centres. The overall level of the NLAT Exam was Moderate to Difficult.

In the NLAT Batch 1 Exam, all the four passages asked in the Exam were majorly economics-based varying from India’s forex reserves to coronavirus credit burden. Students found the exam paper to be lengthy and few of them also faced technical difficulties.

The following NLAT exam analysis covers all the fine details of the NLAT question paper such as type of questions, difficulty level, common topics and other details. NLAT Exam consisted of Comprehension Passage And Questions.

NLAT Batch 1 Exam Analysis 2020: Major Highlights

NLAT Exam 2020 is being conducted for the first time. NLSIU ensures that the aspirants are well versed and comfortable with the exam taking process as they have provided several NLAT mock tests and simulation tests before the exam.

  • NLAT exam consisted of questions from 05 subjects i.e. English Language, Legal Reasoning, Current Affairs, Logical reasoning and Quantitative Techniques.
  • The NLAT Exam was a comprehension based exam and consisted of four general passages with ten questions each. Out of every 10 questions, each subject had 2 questions.
  • As the NLAT exam pattern was different from other law entrance exams, students found the lengthy passages very time-consuming.
  • The NLAT marking scheme was also different and marks were deducted for unanswered questions as well.
  • Down to the time limit of 45 minutes and students could only visit the question once, many students struggled with the high number of mistakes and time management.
  • The questions asked in Batch 1 were easy to moderate and you can check the detailed analysis below.

NLAT 2020 Batch 1 Expert Analysis

As per the Gradeup Expert Analysis of the NLAT Exam Batch 1 and the student’s response, the good number of attempts or number of possible attempts is approx. 30+. Check the subject wise analysis of the NLAT Exam Batch 1 below.

General Comprehension (GC)
Difficulty Level
Quantitative Techniques Moderate to Difficult
English Language Easy
Logical Reasoning Moderate to Difficult
Legal Reasoning Easy
Current Affairs Including
General Knowledge

NLAT Exam 2020 (Batch 1) Important Takeaways

It is important to note the following points for the students of the remaining batches.

  • The Legal Reasoning section was easy and could be solved in a less time-consuming manner with good accuracy.
  • The Quantitative Techniques section was moderate to difficult and ensure that you keep the rough work neat and minimum for a faster solution.
  • Keep your identity proof ready before the exam and also keep two A4 sheets ready for rough work.
  • Attempt the questions with confidence and patience. Avoid rushing into reading the passage as you might waste more time re-reading it.
  • Keep the rough work as neat as possible and also note that there is no on-screen calculator.
  • Use the elimination method for questions that are difficult to solve and minimise the unanswered questions.

Candidates who have appeared for the NLAT Exam in Batch 1 can refer to the NLAT exam review and determine how they have performed whereas the aspirants who are waiting for other batches can gain insights about the kinds of questions asked. You can also check Gradeup NLAT Exam Analysis to further check cutoff expectations, detailed analysis of the exam, questions asked in the examination and more.

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