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Mixed trend in sugar

Sugar prices at the Vashi wholesale market ruled mixed and stayed unchanged at naka and mill level on Monday as demand eased.

At Vashi, S-grade was ₹10-20 a quintal higher and M- grade ruled unchanged. Mills sold the commodity at previous day’s prices .

Due to more than enough quota of 22 lakh tonnes for September and being an AdhikMas fresh buying sentiments remained limited. Enough quotas for the month kept the market under pressure.

Arrivals were about 48-50 truck loads (Each of 10 tonnes) and local dispatches were at 45-46 loads. Inventories were about 95-100 truck loads. Freight rates were steady at ₹80-100 per bag.

On Saturday evening, about 18-20 mills offered tenders and sold about 54,000-55,000 bags at ₹3,150-3,210 for S-grade and ₹3,240-3,320 for M-grade.

The Bombay Sugar Merchants Association spot rates (₹/quintal): S-grade 3,306-3,362 and M-grade 3,400-3,512 .

Naka delivery rates (₹/quintal): S-grade 3,245-3,315 and M-grade 3,365-3,415.

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