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How to pick the correct gemstone according to your zodiac sign | The Times of India

How to pick the correct gemstone according to your zodiac sign | The Times of India<br />

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How to pick the correct gemstone according to your zodiac sign

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01/12How to pick the correct gemstone according to your zodiac sign

If you love gemstones for their sheer beauty and significance then you ought to read further. Gemstones are pieces of mineral crystals which when cut and polished are used to make jewellery. And, if you believe in astrology, let us take you through a list of gemstones that are perfect for various zodiac signs, courtesy Pankaj Khanna, MD and Founder, Gems Selections, who recommends which gemstone is perfect for which zodiac sign.



The fierce planet Mars controls the trajectory of those born in Aries. Coral is the gem of Mars and so people born under the Aries zodiac must wear Red Coral. This stone is a natural healer and improves the muscular system of those wearing the stone along with replenishing the energy which they are likely to overuse.



The magnificent planet, Venus controls those with the zodiac sign- Taurus. The gemstone of Venus is diamond and those individuals born under the zodiac sign Taurus should wear a diamond. It is this cosmic energy of the planet, that gives people born under Taurus unparalleled creativity and a longing for a
luxurious life.



The intelligent planet Mercury is what rules those born in the Zodiac sign- Gemini. Emerald is the gem of Mercury and it is extremely helpful for those who wear this precious gem, i.e., Panna. It improves their thinking abilities as they are inclined to overuse their intellectual skills which sometimes lead to nervous disorders.



The warning planet moon rules the Cancerians. The gem for the waxing planet-moon is pearl. Cancerians have a very emotional life, just like this planet and hence ‘Pearls’ help calm the
emotional turmoil.



Leo is ruled by the sun and the gemstone for the sun is Ruby. Those born under Leo, have a well-built tendency to be overshadowing in all their relationships. Extreme ambitions take a serious toll on their mind and hormonal energy. To fulfill the gap created, these individuals should wear a Ruby, i.e., Manik stone embedded in either copper or gold rings.



The second zodiac sign controlled by Mercury is Virgo. Those born under the zodiac sign of Virgo are supportive in nature but also great planners. These people involuntarily use a lot of their
mind energy which needs to be rejuvenated by the use of emerald, i.e., Panna stone.



The second zodiac sign controlled by Venus is Libra. People born in this zodiac sign are more creative in their talent, but at the same time also has a lot of emotional turmoil going in their
lives. The gemstone of Venus, i.e. diamond (Heera) or white topaz must be worn by them to improve their inventiveness and save them from emotional stress.



Sagittarians are ambitious, hard working and adventurous and this explicit energy comes from their ruling planet Jupiter. Sagittarians are farsighted and have the ability to work tirelessly but an excess of these attributes in them, often creates multiple problems for them. The gemstone of Jupiter is yellow sapphire i.e., Pukhraj which improves their ability to attain their ambitions.



Capricorn is the zodiac sign governed by Saturn and is inclined to create assertive people who want to surmount the entire world all at once. As a result of which, they exhaust their energies
and abilities which makes life difficult for them, eventually leading to depression. Wearing a blue sapphire/ iolite will help them realize their genuine needs and work in view of that.



Saturn is also the ruling planet for those born in the zodiac sign- Aquarius. Such people are great
thinkers and they have very unique mental abilities. Aquarius, generally grow to be actors/models or are the part of some other show business. But Aquarius is very secretive and
non-communicators. Hence, tend to develop certain pessimistic traits. They get emotionally disturbed very fast. To gain emotional energy these people should wear blue sapphire/iolite.



Jupiter controls the sun sign- Pisces. People born under Pisces have strong mental and spiritual desires. They are active all the time and are wise people. A good yellow sapphire, i.e., pukhraj
ropes their material and spiritual desires and provides them a sentiment of self-actualization.


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