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How to ensure you are drinking safe water in monsoon | The Times of India

Ways to check whether your drinking water is safe to consume?

The level of water contamination also depends on the source of water as well as the region. However, it becomes essential to check whether the supply water that you use in several cooking and cleaning purposes is safe to use and consume. Well, here a few ways that you can try to check whether your tap water is safe from pathogens and bacteria.

Make sure that the water is not cloudy or brown in colour. To check that, keep the water in a clear glass and allow it to settle down, if it still looks cloudy, then you must boil or treat the water before consumption.

If your supply water has a pungent and strong smell of bleach or a chemical, then be careful as there may be an excessive use of chlorine to treat the water, which may not be safe for consumption and needs purification.

Ever experienced a bizarre smell from the water, then be aware as the water might contain a chemical called Barium and Cadmium. The excessive amount of cadmium used in water may lead to kidney, liver or bone damage. Thus the water needs to be treated properly before consumption.

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