Coronavirus live news: EU tightens rules for foreign visitors; first Covid vaccines arrive in South Africa

Black Americans make up only 5.4% of Covid-19 vaccine recipients, CDC finds

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found only 5.4% of coronavirus vaccine recipients were black, in its first analysis of how vaccines were given out among different demographic groups in the first month of US distribution.

That is lower than the proportion of black people who are either residents of long-term care homes in the US (14%) or who work in the healthcare field (16%). Both were in the highest priority groups for immunisation.

However, the federal health agency emphasized its analysis was hampered by lack of data. While the 64 states and territories and five federal jurisdictions that undertook vaccination reported age and gender in nearly all cases, just over half of records included data on race or ethnicity.

“More complete reporting of race and ethnicity data at the provider and jurisdictional levels is critical to ensure rapid detection of and response to potential disparities in Covid-19 vaccination,” researchers wrote.

More than 97% of the data the CDC received contained information about age and 99.9% contained information on gender. However, just over half, 51.9%, of data contained an entry for race or ethnicity:

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First Covid vaccines arrive in South Africa


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