Australia politics live: Perth and WA’s south-west enter Covid lockdown as MPs quarantined in Canberra

The caucus has learned its lesson. We know what occurs when we’re focused on ourselves. And I’m just focused on making sure that we have the best platform, the best menu if you like, that we will be taking to the Australian people at the next election, very much along the themes, as you say, Fran, no one left behind, no one held back. But making sure that Australians understand that we are on their side.

Whereas the Coalition government that’s more and more focused on itself, more and more focused on looking after their mates, more and more thinking that taxpayers’ money is their own money. That’s why we haven’t seen a national integrity commission, in spite of the fact that the government said in 2018 that they would deliver it.

Where is it, Fran? Why isn’t it in place to hold the government to account? Because one of the things that we’re seeing across politics, across the parties, is a lack of faith in integrity in our politics. And I think that’s tragic. I think most people enter politics for all the right reasons. I certainly did. I entered politics to make a difference to people’s lives, particularly the vulnerable, the sort of people who I grew up with, the family I grew up in with a single mum, and I’m determined to make a difference.

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